Business game as one of the methods of effective study of pedagogy by students

  • Наталія Борбич
  • Сергій Марчук


Abstract. The article reveals the peculiarities of using the method of business game in Pedagogy classes. Emphasis is placed on the fact that in connection with the informatization of modern society, higher education institutions face the task of implementation of such forms and methods of teaching that would ensure the effectiveness of learning. The business game has a special place in the study of Pedagogy among such methods.

The purpose of the article is to reveal the role, essence and stages of using business games in the process of Pedagogy learning. Realization of the purpose demands such tasks: 1) to substantiate the essence and stages of carrying out business game; 2) determine the benefits of using business games in the Pedagogy learning. In the course of scientific research the methods of analysis, synthesis, generalization, systematization, conclusions and observation were used.

It is established that the essence of the business game is that the content and dynamics of the educational process, the relationship between its subjects and so on are modeling by means of educational information in the process of Pedagogy learning. In the business game, students have the opportunity to express their views on the solution of the problem, discuss, prove the truth or refute the falsity of their own judgment. The features of the business game (the presence of the problem, goal, objectives; distribution of roles; the presence of situations that are consistently resolved; independent decision-making; taking into account possible obstacles; objectivity of evaluation of game results; summarizing) and its main stages (diagnostic, preparatory and implementation stage of the business game) are determined.

An example of using the business game in the course of students’ learning of the topic “Methodical work at school” is offered.

The use of the method of business game in Pedagogy classes provides the formation of pedagogical students’ competencies by creating situations close to real professional activity; promotes the development of organizational, gnostic, prognostic and communicative abilities of students’ youth, their creative, critical and original thinking.

Prospects for research – the issue of monitoring the impact of the use of business games on improving the level of academic achievement of students in pedagogy and the implementation of various modifications of the business game in the study of pedagogical knowledge.

Key words: Pedagogy, students, method of business game, methodical work at school, stages of business game.

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