Formation of a culture of occupational safety in future engineers-teachers

  • Алевтина Антонова


Annotation. The complex of global problems caused by the rapid technical, economic and social development of mankind has actualized the dilemma of whether to survive or die. The scientific and technological revolution has opened wide opportunities for the comprehensive development of man and, accordingly, has led to the growing role of the human factor in society. Already today, in the process of human labor activity there is a change of several generations of technology. The complexity of technology requires employees to constantly improve their skills and acquire new knowledge for further improvement. And this in turn determines the need for a harmonious combination in each individual of professional competence with a scientific worldview, social responsibility and universal moral values. The key in this process is the formation of a humanistic, focused on the general cultural values ​​of the worldview of the individual or the so-called "safe type of person."

All this places high demands on the level of knowledge and competence of the modern applicant for higher education, which can be satisfied by improving the system of training and modernization of the educational process.

The rapid development of technology requires appropriate improvement of methods of teaching the safety of professional activities of higher education and the composition of educational programs, which must take into account not only modern requirements of science and technology, but also the prospects for their development. Particular attention should be paid to the content of education and the nature of the establishment of interdisciplinary links between general, technical and special disciplines.  The culture of security should be used as an effective project to awaken the interest and education of psychophysiological and psychosocial reliability of each person in the process of his individual life. Currently, it is important not only to form in higher education students an understanding of the main aspects of safe activities, but also to instill sustainable skills of safe work practices, the formation of a culture of safety at all levels of the production process.

Life is the main value of every person, and the existence and development of humanity is the main universal value, which is impossible without providing the necessary and sufficient level of security.

Key words: safety culture, danger, safety, activity, technosphere, human factor, safe life activity.

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