Model of expert evaluation of project activity in a general secondary education institution

  • Ольга Івасів


Abstract. The article focuses on topical issues related to the use of modeling in assessing the project activities of pupils. Theoretical achievements on modeling problems as a tool for visualizing the process of expert evaluation are analyzed. Essence of expert evaluation of project activity as an important component of modern educational process in institution of general secondary education is disclosed. The model of expert evaluation of pupils' project activities consists of the following modules: motivational-targeted, theoretical, subjective-functional, organizational-activity, diagnostic-reflexive, resulting. The structure and content of each module of the proposed model is justified. In particular, the purpose of developing this model-system was explained, attention was paid to the theoretical and regulatory support of the expert assessment process. The subjects of expert assessment were identified, including: the head of the expert group, the head of the educational institution, teachers, instructors, experts. Their functions are determined in accordance with the powers in the expert assessment of the project activities of pupils. The procedure for performing expert assessment through functions, tools, methods, algorithms and object (project activity) was investigated. Verification of the expert assessment system is reflected in the diagnostic-reflexive module, which is carried out using parametric-criterion assessment, correction of assessments, self-assessment and expert opinion. The last performance module reveals the main and intermediate results of expert evaluation. The main results of the functioning of the system of expert evaluation of project activities include: an expert evaluation mechanism has been formed, objective information about projects, the growing quality of projects, and the expert competence of teachers has been formed.

The prospects for further research are the development of criteria for assessing the feasibility of each component of the system model, substantiating the structure of competence of an expert teacher and predicting the development of expert assessment mechanisms in general secondary education institutions.


Keywords: model, modeling, project activity; expert assessment, functions, methods, methods of expert assessment.

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