Integration of mass open online courses in the process of training education managers in the master's program

  • Тетяна Махиня


The article presents the intermediate results of a study based on the materials of an anonymous online survey of 107 applicants for the second (master's) level of higher education educational and professional program "Management of educational institution" specialty 073 "Management" in the field of knowledge 07 "Management and Administration", who studied in 2018 -2020 in the State Educational Institution "University of Education Management", on the feasibility of introducing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) in their master's training.

Based on the content analysis of annotations and programs of mass open online courses presented on the platforms Prometheus, EdEra and VUM online, as well as the experience of passing MOOC students UMO in the period from 2017 to 2020, developed a table of their compliance with the general competencies of second (master) level of higher education of the educational-professional program "Management of educational institution" of specialty 073 "Management" of the field of knowledge 07 "Management and administration".

Students expressed interest in the possibility of recalculating the hours specified in the certificate as a result of a mass open online elective course on one of the open free platforms, as part of the mandatory individual task when performing independent work by the applicant in the intersessional period. It is established that the integration of the MOOC in the master's training of future educational managers will give the maximum effect in the observance of academic integrity, high self-organization and interest in the topics covered. The list of such courses at studying of separate disciplines is resulted.

An anonymous survey and interview of applicants established the optimal share of MOOC (no more than 50%) of the total number of hours devoted to self-study of the discipline. It is established that the MOOC should not replace other types of tasks for independent work and should be agreed with the teacher, as those that deepen awareness of a topic of the discipline; replenish the practical tools of the applicant; help to broaden the horizons and open new perspectives in a particular management issue, motivate to deal with individual issues (topics) more focused and allow you to look at a particular issue from another angle, perhaps different from the view of the teacher.


Keywords: master's training, school management, education manager, supervisor, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Prometheus, EdEra, VUM online

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