Professional culture of the future manager: psychological and pedagogical aspect

  • Тетяна Пилаєва
  • Валентина Кочина


Abstract. The article examines the essence and relationship between the concepts  "culture", "profession", "professional culture". It is determined that the structure of professional culture presents motivational-value and operational-activity components. The author presents a number of properties of professional culture: integrativeness, sociality, personalization, dynamism and effectiveness, continuity. The article considers the features of the general characteristics of professional culture. It is established that the essence of professional culture consists of professional competence, moral culture, professional skills, communication culture, personal qualities, creative realization, moral and professional ethics. The paper emphasizes that the active formation and development of innovative professional activity requires the efficiency increasing of the specialists professional culture formation in various fields. Specific characteristics of the future manager professional culture is the knowledge of f manager professional culture basics, self-awareness as a carrier of cultural patterns of behavior and professional activities, the formation of a positive attitude to professional activities, colleagues, clients. The author points out that professional culture is a systemic structure, that integrates through specific organizations and institutions from a public point of view that interact on the basis of material and information exchange and is an element of interconnection and interaction of such functional components as traditions, norms, forms of production and resource allocation and so on. The paper points out that there exist cognitive, emotional, communicative and reflexive components in the structure of the future manager professional culture. The author presents a number of professional culture functions: information-cognitive, humanistic, communicative, normative.

Keywords: culture, professional culture, specialist, manager, professional culture characteristics.

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Пилаєва, Т., & Кочина, В. (2020). Professional culture of the future manager: psychological and pedagogical aspect. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 10(19).
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