Institutional approach as a theoretical basis for studying student support in the educational process of higher education

  • Маріола Міровська


Abstract. Today's integration processes are increasingly are gaining an intense pace of the development, requiring a high level of development from a degree-seeking student namely his social and scientific maturity and the independence skills, which is not always accessible to a young person. Therefore, the student's support in the educational process of the higher educational institution continues to be an important theme for scientific researche and practical solution. The article reveals the search for scientific approaches to the study of the functioning of the higher educational institution as a system for supporting the student in the educational process, which should serve as an institutional approach. The author argues that the study of various aspects of the functioning of the social institution of higher education should be based on an institutional approach that enables the integration of knowledge in different scientific fields and in different approaches, in particular, investment and resource, environmental and also the concept of stakeholders. The resource approach provides an opportunity to take into account the requirements imposed by the external environment and internal capabilities for their satisfaction in the life of the subject, and investment - indicates the formation of capital in accordance with the priority areas of investment, its accumulation and volume. The environmental approach captures the integrated impact on its users; combining participants in the educational process in the joint activity of creation of knowledge, is created on the basis of material and informational support; defining the conditions for the manifestation and support of the physical and physical well-being of their users, acting as an ecological basis for the development of student life in a democratic society. The author argues that the institutional approach to higher education offers a way of combining the above-mentioned approaches, thus creating the framework for conducting the study, by focusing on the empirical study of the institutional environment, focusing on the processes of interaction. which reveals the integration processes of integration of the institute into the general social system in relation to its functional capacity. It turns out that support for the development of higher education acts as a form of indirect investment in human capital, the functioning of which should correspond both to the demands of society and the task of the development of higher education graduates without reducing their independence, as was done under the traditional protectionist support. By revealing various aspects of the institutional approach, the author emphasizes on the importance of its application, which is especially important for studying the processes of reforming higher education, which are currently taking place in the Republic of Poland and Ukraine.

Key words: institutional approach, interdisciplinary knowledge, management, student, higher educational institution.

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Міровська, М. (2020). Institutional approach as a theoretical basis for studying student support in the educational process of higher education. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 10(19).
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