Educational aspects of forming a modern student as a professional and a person

  • Ольга Лучанінова
  • Світлана Рашидова


Abstract. The article identifies the educational aspects of the formation of a modern student as a professional and personality in a higher education institution, analyzes the modern educational aspects in the educational space of a higher education institution, clarifies the definition of «aspect», «educational aspect», gives examples of conditions under which this educational process becomes more efficient.

The authors presents the richness of meanings of educational aspects in relation to modern man, namely the student, in the research of scientists, clarifies the definition of the term «aspect» as a point of view, reasoning, position on a phenomenon or process, in this context – the educational process. The potential opportunities of culture for the assertion of the worldview of the applicant for higher education are emphasized. Approaches to understanding educational aspects through different approaches (axiological, multicultural, activity, humanistic) are traced. It is determined that the educational space of a higher education institution is a place where the process of education, upbringing and socialization of students should take place. The authors turns to various scientific researches and researches concerning educational aspects in training and formation of the applicant of higher education as the professional and the person. Interdisciplinarity in this problem is emphasized.

It is emphasized that the forms of implementation of educational work do not always take into account the peculiarities of the formation of the qualities of modern students as professionals and individuals. It is revealed that the educational aspect should provide certain principles: educational environment (space) - a place for the development of universal spiritual values of higher education seekers; education as an important value that is a priority in the formation of the student's personality; lifelong education, and therefore «teaching education» throughout life.

Emphasis is placed on the teacher's personality in the new conditions, his role as an acme-personality and a professional in the formation of the student's personality, the axiological potential of the teacher's professional activity. Excerpts from the program of education which is directed on realization of conditions of formation of the student as the expert-professional and the person are resulted.

Key words: educational aspects, professional, personality, approaches, priority, educational space.


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Лучанінова, О., & Рашидова, С. (2020). Educational aspects of forming a modern student as a professional and a person. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 10(19).
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