Library in the knowledge society

  • Андрій Гуралюк
  • Марина Ростока
  • Наталія Вараксіна


Abstract. This article discusses the prospects for the existence of libraries in the knowledge society, which should become the next step in the development of social and organizational transformations after the information society. It is noted that digital technologies have changed the essence of such well-established public institutions as libraries. It is shown that the rapid development of information and communication technologies makes libraries not only adapt to new realities, but generally rethink their mission in society.

The research highlights the main differences between the knowledge society and the information society. It is noted that it is a knowledge-based society; free access to knowledge; knowledge-based economy; building knowledge networks and a culture of innovation. The leading opinion of the submitted research is that the traditional library model is hopelessly outdated and is turning from a source of knowledge into a book museum.

Potential ways of preserving libraries as public institutions based on real examples from foreign experience are presented. The necessity of transforming libraries from a repository of knowledge into intellectual centers and technological hubs, where you can get free access not only to information resources, but also to a computer, the Internet, and a convenient workspace, is shown. And increasingly, to the very latest technological advances, skills and opportunities to engage in collective innovation. Additional services that the library can provide (and are already provided by a large number of libraries around the world), methods of interest of potential readers (users) are als.

The importance of the communicative function of libraries, their further transformation into institutions of personal socialization is emphasized; the need to transform libraries into an intellectual space for interpersonal and intercultural communication.

Key words: Library, Knowledge Society, Social Communication, Perspectives of Libraries, Adaptation of Libraries, Information Resources, Scientific Information Center.

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Гуралюк, А., Ростока, М., & Вараксіна, Н. (2020). Library in the knowledge society. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 10(19).
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