Factor-criterion model of national-patriotic upbringing of a student's personality

  • Тетяна Гавлітіна


Annotation. The article deals with features and priorities of national-patriotic education based on the revealed theoretical and conceptual principles of its research and implementation in general secondary education (GSE).

The main goal of national-patriotic education is to become a self-sufficient citizen-patriot of  Ukraine, humanist and democrat. The dominant national-patriotic education for our study is the formation of a conscious patriot capable of ensuring the progress of the nation and Ukraine. It is necessary to build a systematic work that provides a harmonious comparison of the various components of the content of education, tools and methods of education of children and student youth.

It has been considered the essence of measuring the national-patriotic education of students based on adaptive management. National-patriotic upbringing characterized as a complex multi-vector and multifaceted integrative property of the individual, which is the result of various influences, both organizational and spontaneous, necessarily combined with the work of the subject of education on himself, and includes all the characteristics of a conscious patriot. It has been detected that the value attitude to oneself and to people, to work and one's own needs, as well as striving for active and creative activity for the sake of proper public life and the good of Ukraine.

It has been proved that quantitative measurement of national-patriotic upbringing of students can be carried out with the help of criteria and their indicators. According to the set of indicators and the calculation of their importance parameters, it is possible to obtain a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of national-patriotic education of students based on the construction of a factor-criterion model of national-patriotic education.

 The factors and criteria for forecasting the results of national-patriotic upbringing of students are singled out and described. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the designed means to increase efficiency of national-patriotic education, following evaluation parameters are determined: factors, criteria and indicators of adolescents' values ​​to the Homeland, society, attitude to yourself, work. This is a prerequisite for establishing an integrated indicator of national-patriotic education of youth.

Factor-criterion model of national-patriotic upbringing - is the observation and identification of latent traits that explain the value of the individual to the state, society, himself, people and work based on judgments, behavior, actions, emotional state, propensity to certain actions, as well as determining the factors that affect the active and creative activities of students in the class or group of students who are subject to examination.

Calculating the weight of each criterion provides important information for further regulation of national-patriotic education in the educational institution. Therefore, it helps to identify influences on the formation of a conscious patriot and the direction of active and creative national-patriotic activities.

Key words: national-patriotic education, conscious patriot, active-creative activity, national-patriotic upbringing, factor-criterion model.

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