Some issues of the organization of adaptive learning in educational institutions

  • Галина Єльникова


Summary. The article is devoted to the organization of adaptive learning in the educational system. The article focuses on the necessity of forming adaptive skills of education applicants, because the positive result of learning adaptive methods and technologies is involuntarily transferred by education applicants to their own behavior in life in general. It is noted that adaptive learning allows to achieve success not only in educational activity, but also to make future professional activity successful.

It is argued that the activation of adaptive processes is a challenge of our time. The article considers the research directions of domestic and foreign authors. Attention is paid to the organization of adaptive learning within the traditional educational system and with the use of software.

The content reveals how to analyze and structure the content of educational information. Creation of multilevel tasks and the order of their presentation in the educational process are considered. Attention is paid to the content of thinking activity when answering multilevel questions, starting from mechanical memory, through recall, logical analysis, construction - to transferring known knowledge to an unfamiliar situation. Therefore, the sequence of presentation of tasks implies mental actions from simple recall to creativity.

Adaptation of learning tools is built on the use of specially developed software based on adaptive technologies, each of which has its own didactic functions. Models of information systems are presented.

The article points out that for optimal organization of adaptive learning it is necessary to use a mixed system, including both traditional and programmed tools.

An example of mixed educational process organization is given and its adaptive nature is revealed. It is noted that further research will deal with the disclosure of adaptive learning methodology.

Key words: adaptive learning, information systems, multilevel tasks, traditional educational system, mixed learning.

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