Cloud technology as one of the key drivers of digital transformation of education

  • Марія Тропіна


Annotation. Changes in public life require the development of new innovative ways of teaching, the use of pedagogical technologies, taking into account the specifics of the individual development of a modern applicant, a creative approach to accomplish applied tasks, the formation of relevant competencies, the ability to design, model in professional activities, everyday life. The introduction of cloud technologies in the educational process is currently especially important. With their help, expanding access to software, electronic educational resources and information and analytical tools for cloud computing is provided.

The article reveals the possibilities of introducing into the educational process cloud technologies implemented in the cloud environment of educational institutions, their influence on the methodological component of training in teaching the discipline "Computer-aided design systems" is determined. The analysis and evaluation of the experience of using certain services and components of the cloud in the process of training future teaching staff in educational institutions. It is proved that the use of cloud services is advisable for professional and practical training of future specialists, which leads to an increase in their intellectual and creative abilities, the formation and development of personality in the modern information society.

Keywords: cloud environment, cloud services, computer-aided design systems, network, platform, scientific research.

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