Axiology of education in Europe and Asia in historical retrospect

  • Ірина Хотченко


Abstract. The article formulates the concept of "axiology", provides a classification of existing approaches to the study of the concept of "value"; the development of axiology of education is covered; the dynamics of the development of the axiology of education in Europe and Asia (on the example of China) in historical retrospect is traced. This publication explores the ideas of prominent educators from Western Europe and China in order to further comparative analysis, to identify the similarity of the axiology of education of two remote and, at first glance, such dissimilar parts of the world.

Each historical epoch is defined by the spirit of internal exclusivity, the spirit of disobedience to external influences, the courage to deviate from dogmas and beliefs or follow them, marked by its own stable position on its importance in the educational environment, the formation of certain moral principles, values. Axiology makes it possible to distinguish the "spirit of the era" in a particular area in accordance with the implementation approach. This study chose a cultural-historical approach to study the axiology of education in different parts of the world in historical retrospect.

The study of the ideas of the Swiss pedagogue-innovator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi and the Chinese philosopher Confucius made it possible to determine the values ​​in education in Europe and Asia (on the example of China). And although these outstanding personalities belong to different epochs, their contribution is fundamental to the development of the basic principles of the axiology of education in the countries of the West and the East, which still do not lose their relevance.

The results of the article contribute to the awareness of the importance of the existing affinity of values ​​in the education of Europe and China in the context of globalization and integration processes in the educational space.

Key words: value, axiology, axiology of education, European culture, Chinese traditionalism, Confucianism.

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