SWOT-analysis of the activities of the out-of-school education institution

  • Геннадій Шкура


Annotation. The article describes the principles of using SWOT analysis to assess the activities of an out-of-school education institution. The article describes the determined features and the essential characteristics of the SWOT analysis methodology as a tool for educational management. Based on a thorough analysis of scientific sources, the main criteria for the activity of an out-of-school education institution have been determined. It is emphasized that the developed system for analyzing the activities of the institution of out-of-school education is unified and can be used for all types of institutions. The system is based on a SWOT analysis, which is developed taking into account the achievements of qualimetric science and can become the tool that can analyze any problems in the activities of an educational institution and, on its basis, make appropriate management decisions to overcome them. The text notes that the solution to the problems identified by SWOT analysis can be solved using project management technology. The article also provides a description of the factor-criterion (qualimetric) model of the SWOT-analysis of the activities of the institution of out-of-school education. The model is based on the activities of the institution of out-of-school education, which are factors. These are institution' management system; organization of the educational process; work with pedagogical staff; development of the material and technical base of the institution, the rationality of its use; work in the "Institution - family - social environment" system; ensuring a safe educational environment for the institution; PR management. The factors are disclosed by appropriate criteria. The work describes a computerized version of it, which, after identifying problems, can provide information on ways to solve them. The article is useful for the heads of institutions of additional education, employees of educational authorities, and institutions of the system of postgraduate pedagogical education.Keywords: SWOT-analysis, out-of-school institution, factor-criterial model, project technology, development, management.

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