Management of the SЕ institution in the conditions of introduction of distance learning technologies

  • Світлана Савлюк


Annotation. The effectiveness of the use of distance technologies in the field of education largely depends on the level of preparedness of teachers for the implementation of distance learning, scientific, methodological and material and technical support, as well as on the willingness of students to study in the context of distance education. The article deals with the content of the concepts of "management", "management activities". It is noted that an integral part of management is the process of its implementation, consisting of sequential stages and which are commonly called a universal management cycle, namely: development and decision-making, modeling, organization, regulation, control, correction, etc. The main goal of management is to ensure stable functioning and development of the educational institution. Therefore, the managerial activity of the head of an educational institution in the context of the introduction of information technologies requires from him a high level of information culture, assumes the widespread use of computer-oriented methods, electronic teaching aids and distance learning in managerial and educational processes. It has been substantiated that distance learning is one of the effective areas of management of an educational institution in a market economy, and distance learning technologies can be considered as a natural stage in the evolution of the traditional education system from a blackboard with chalk to an electronic board and computer learning systems, from a book library to an electronic one, from regular audience to virtual audience. The content of the article presents guidelines for the administration of the school. In them it is recommended to pay attention to: diagnosing the collective on the issues of motivating teachers to self-education, which involves mastering distance learning technologies and their application; a critical attitude to assessing the effectiveness of the selected forms of methodological work, which improve the professional level of teachers, in the direction of their mastery of knowledge and practical skills in the use of distance learning technologies; ensuring the management of the information resource databank.

Key words: management activities, distance learning technologies, forms of distance learning, institutions of general secondary education.

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