Stem-management of electricians training in the postmodern space of education

  • Марина Ростока
  • Ольга Гермак


Abstract. The authors consider the actual problem of the current state and determine the prospects for improving the vocational education system through the introduction of new tools and teaching aids, in particular in the context of STEM education. They argue that a transdisciplinary approach that combines science, advanced technology, electrical engineering and mathematics, as well as related resources, is the most effective in training highly qualified blue-collar professionals, which has been proven by world scientific and educational practice. This is one of the trends in professional pedagogy, which implies a mixed learning environment, and shows applicants for vocational education (pupils, students) how scientific knowledge and technical art are applied in everyday life and in production, in combination, at first glance, with the impossible.

The article discusses ways to improve the quality of professional training of future electricians in the educational process of an educational institution, describes the introduction of varieties of organization of educational activities, from solving problems by methods of electrical modeling to the introduction of high-quality specific electronic educational resources. The authors make an attempt to reveal the main provisions of STEM management in vocational education, including in the professional training of future Fitters Electrical, presenting it as a synthesis of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and special disciplines of energy content. The article also defines the role of transdisciplinary education in the implementation of the STEM context for knowledge management of applicants for energy education, which is becoming a priority area of ​​education as such in general, professional training of future skilled workers in particular. It is noted that in this way, the training of highly qualified personnel for the country's energy industry is being updated, it becomes possible to meet the needs of employers, both in workers and in scientific and engineering personnel, who play a leading role in the development of the production process and modernization of the energy sector in our country.

The authors rely on the results of a certain study, which provides a brief overview of transdisciplinary educational projects for the implementation of STEM technologies in education. They give an example of the introduction of a STEM approach to expand the educational space of future Fitters Electrical. They analyzed the content of STEM-educational management in the professional training of electricians, identified the main approaches to the development of new pedagogical technologies, and introduced the characteristics of certain conditions when conducting transdisciplinary (integrated) lessons of special technologies in the training of Fitters Electrical.

Key words: Vocational Education, STEM-education, STEM-approach, STEM-knowledge, STEM-management, Fitters Electrical, Special Training Technology, Electrical Engineering, Skilled Worker.

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