The role of the National Police of Ukraine in counteracting cyberbullying among secondary school students

  • Тетяна Павлиш
  • Єгор Хоміч


Abstract. The rapid process of informatization of society makes information, information, computer, multimedia technologies a key object in human life. Today, almost everyone can not imagine their lives without a smartphone, computer and any other gadgets that provide access to the Internet. Public relations that arise in a virtual environment can be sharply negative, socially dangerous, which necessitates the response of law enforcement agencies. The article emphasizes that communication on social networks among young people is a global problem of teachers, psychologists, law enforcement, which covers a wide range of negative actions - from bullying, intimidation, harassment in cyberspace (cyberbullying) to more dangerous consequences (suicide, etc.). Emphasis is placed on the phenomenon of cyberbullying and the opposition of the National Police to this among secondary school students. The research of scientists on the outlined problem is analyzed. An analysis of recent research and publications in which the solution to this problem has been initiated. The author's interpretation of the concept of "cyberbullying" as a psychological influence of one person on the consciousness of another in the information space (intentional, systematic, directed against the person, against his will), which is done using information and communication tools and expressed in the form of transmission to others messages, photos, videos, videos in order to disgrace, humiliate, intimidate, insult, harass her. Types of cyberbullying are identified. Proposed measures to prevent cyberbullying among pupils.

Key words: bullying, cyberbullying, flaming, harassment, slander, defamation, impersonation, fraud, extortion of confidential information, alienation (ostracism, isolation), cyberbullying, happy slipping.

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