Management of the formation of leadership competence of pedagogical staff of preschool education

  • Марія Астахова
  • Ольга Шевандіна


Abstract. Modern development of society sets new requirements to teachers and needs growth of its mental and leadership potential. Nowadays, in demand is creative original thinker, who has strong will power, leadership skills, well-developed emotional intelligence and is able to lead their staff. Personal and professional setting of teacher as leader enables development of education as all-European social institution. Leadership competence formation plays main role in general pre-school educators` competence development and that is why primary objective of the head of educational institution is to manage this process.

The article presents information about different points of view on the terms “professional competence” and “leadership competence”. Integral characteristics of leadership in education are described. Development of professionally important leadership skills are characterized and social and psychological factors that influence on professional activity of teacher as leader are distinguished.

Educational process is analyzed as subject of management in general and as subject of preschool educational activity management under conditions of Ukrainian reformation of education. It is established, that management is complex socio-economical process that is realized through several functions.

Structure of the preschool educational activity management process is underlined. It shows cycle of management and is realized through general management functions. Component parts of the leadership competence management system are created and researched with ways of its formation. Tools for defining effectiveness of preschool educators’ leadership competence management system realization are developed.

Key words: competence, professional competence, leader, leadership competence, education quality management, management system, preschool.


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