Introduction of distance learning in general secondary education: adaptation to change

  • Марія Астахова
  • Дмитро Лапко


Abstract. Nowadays Ukraine is in a process of active changes that is a period of transition from industrial society to digital one. With the changes in character of modern society appear changes to the directives for the system of education in general. Relevance of the research is intensified by unreadiness of educational institutions to conduct qualitative educational process during pandemic. Article highlights conceptual definitions, analyses different points of view on terms “distance education”, “distance education technologies”.

In the article underlined contradictions that appear between social and normative stipulations for increasing education quality with educational process up-keep during quarantine and necessity of creating conditions in secondary school institutions for distance learning organization, forming of teachers` readiness for solving educational tasks in the period of changes. In the article analyzed the results of participants of educational process questionnaire that was done by State Inspectorate of Educational Institutions Quality of Ukraine. Experience of distance learning educational technologies implementation in different countries is analyzed with advantages and problems of distance learning educational technologies in Ukraine.

On the basis of analysis of theoretical and practical materials according to the research issues is determined problems with distance learning organization. Such problems are: sanitary, organizational, management, technologies, psychological etc. in the article is presented distance learning technologies implementation on the example of Kharkiv Comprehensive School (ISCED 1,2,3) № 54 of Kharkiv city council. Main general management aspects of distance learning technologies implementation are underlined: legislative, organizational material and technical, creating of accessible communicative base. Diagnostic assessment of educational process participants is completed to understand readiness of distance learning technologies implementation and general assessment of distance learning quality is presented that is completed by its participants.  

Key words: distance learning, distance education, technologies, questionnaire, ways of implementation, management.


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