Components of readiness of students-psychologists to use information technologies in future professional activity


TThe article considers the problem of training future psychologists who will use information technologies (IT) in their professional activity. In the process of research it was defined that the competitiveness of specialists is determined by their ability to apply innovative methods and ways of solving professional problems as well as by their knowledge of modern technologies and the ability to use them in professional activity. The analysis of references in the field of our research revealed that the effecient intoduction of IT in the psychological sphere depends on the readiness of specialists for innovation activity, as such activity is one of important components of their professional readiness. After analyzing the research works we determined the components of readiness of future psychologists for applying IT in their future professional work. Such components are motivational, cognitive, reflexive, communicative and creative components. In order to investigate the level of formaton of each component by future psychologists we conducted testing and suggested quiestionnaires for the students of psychology at Khmenytskyi National University. The diagnostic results demonstrate that the motivational component of readiness of the students of psychology for applying IT in their future professional activity has been formed at a sufficiently high level. However, the diagnostic results of all other components of readiness for using innovations by students of psychology revealed only sufficient levels of formation. Such results necessitate the creation of the complex of conditions for increasing the revel of readiness for applying IT in professional activity by future psychologists.

Keywords: information technologies (IT), students of psychology, readiness for professional activity, components of readiness for applying IT.

Author Biography

Олена Василенко

Ryabova Zoya,
Dr. hab. of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of  Management Education and Law of the State Higher Educational Institution «University of Educational Management» of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
ORCID ID 0000-0001-9373-7121

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