The formation of modern society as an information one is accompanied as a transformation of all its structures so as a rethinking of their role in the existence of society. Such a rethinking requires the introduction of new constructive approaches to the activities of institutions, is a system-forming factor in the informatization of public relations. It is the digitalization of various spheres of human existence, the increase in the amount of information that is produced by mankind, the need for its qualitative assessments, the need for its availability, which makes the library a special institution that can provide guidelines in the information space and form a special culture of the knowledge society.

The aim of this research is to consider a modern approach to the modernization of library science, based on an ontological approach to the organization of knowledge bases, the reason for using which is the ability to provide prompt and high-quality satisfaction of requests and needs of library users based on local and remote information resources.

The proposed research reveals the role of the library in the information society as a means of verifying information. The features of the initial stage of the transition of domestic libraries to the modernization path of development are characterized. External and internal factors that necessitate innovative changes in the industry are given. The innovations occurring in the implementation of the basic functions of libraries are considered: information, educational, cultural and educational, memorial, social and communicative.

The features of the presentation of digital content in the framework of traditional library activities are considered, where the library is defined as a repository of structured various data with the possibility of their integration with other data sources and provides for the possibility of specifying its content by describing the subject area. An ontology of the content of the semantic library acts as a means of formalization. The usage of ontologies is connected with the impossibility of adequate automatic processing of natural texts by existing means, determines the search for new approaches and the introduction of innovative developments.

Keywords: semantic libraries, ICT in library activities, library digitalization, ontological approach, library functions, library content, intelligent systems.

Author Biography

Andrew Guraliuk, State Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Ukraine named after V. A. Sukhomlinsky

PHD of Pedagogics , Senior Research Specialist, Head of the ICT and Scientometrics Sector

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Guraliuk, A. (2020). LIBRARY IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY:ONTOLOGICAL APPROACH. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 8(15).
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