Creation of a Pedagogical Model for Development of Managers 'Management Competences


The article proposes the solution of an important scientific and practical task, which consists in the use of didactic systems for the organization of the educational process in order to develop managerial competence of managers. Pedagogical model development managerial competence of managers was developed. It combines the target, theoretical and methodological, motivational-volitional, diagnostic, methodical-technological, productive blocks. Their content is revealed. The purpose and specific tasks of the method development managerial competence of the manager are determined. The theoretical basis development managerial competence is considered: methodological approaches, pedagogical regularities, pedagogical principles. It is proved that one of the most important elements of the model development managerial competence of enterprise managers is a motivational-volitional block. The main motives of professional development, which encourage staff to continuous education, are considered. The essence of basic methods and means of motivation is determined. The toolkit for obtaining information on the level of formation managerial competence of the manager by functional and personal components is offered. The organizational and pedagogical conditions of manager's managerial competence development using the forms, methods and means of training, education and development are substantiated. It is proved that for the development of functional and personal competence of managers it is necessary to form educational, educational and scientific environments. The content effective block of the model is revealed. It provides for the creation of a diagnostic apparatus to determine the level development managerial competence of managers by functional and personal components (high, medium, low) and to implement typology of managers in order to adjust the management competence development methodology (self-actualized, temporarily competent, temporarily incompetent, problem). A promising direction for further research will be the testing of the developed model at specific enterprises and the development of training programs for their managers in accordance with the results.

Keywords: manager, development, managerial competence, functional component, personal component, pedagogical model of competence development

Author Biographies

Denys O. Serikov

Ph.D (in Economics), Lecturer,  Management and Business Department (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Viktoriia M. Luhova, Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics

PhD (in Economics), Associate Professor, Economics and Social Sciences Department (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

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Serikov, D. O., & Luhova, V. M. (2019). Creation of a Pedagogical Model for Development of Managers ’Management Competences. Adaptive Management: Theory and Practice. Series Pedagogics, 6(11).
1. Adaptive management in educational theory