Formation of Moral-Aesthetic Competence of Future Specialists

  • Inna Iv. Kokhan Educational Scientific Professional Pedagogical Institute of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy


The article analyzes the problems of moral and aesthetic education in the process of personal and professional development of future engineering teachers in terms of the educational process of higher education at the present stage. Constant dynamic changes in the political, economic and socio-cultural structure of society require new approaches in the system of vocational education. The article proposes to consider an engineer-teacher of a new type as a person who has humanity, an awareness of the high value of human life; spirituality, the need for knowledge of the surrounding reality, self-knowledge, the search for the meaning of life and life credo, in communication with art, in understanding the intrinsic value of their inner world; creativity, developed intellect, striving for transforming activity and possession of the sense of the new, ability for active life and creativity; pragmatism, possession of the newest technologies, skills and abilities necessary for the implementation of professional knowledge in the new economic and socio-cultural situation. The article substantiates that the main tasks of higher education at the present stage are the formation of the spiritual sphere of the student’s personality and the education of its ethical and aesthetic qualities. The development of these qualities is impossible without creating an effective training system. In this regard, the search for new approaches to the organization of educational activities in higher education is being actualized, in particular, the implementation of the educational function of education, the creation of favorable conditions for professional, personal, cultural, creative self-development and self-education, assistance in the development of a competitive personality of a future specialist . The article analyzes the current trends in the development of society, describes the contradictory attitude towards high aesthetic and moral ideals, as evidenced by the decline in the prestige of education and public culture; consumer attitude to artistic values, which affected the quality of print, television programs, the dominance of "mass culture" on the one hand and on the other - the creation of real conditions for the aesthetic education of people in a sovereign, independent state: an appeal to national sources, to the origins of folk culture wisdom; openness of society, which makes it possible to integrate into the world community, acquaintance with world achievements in various fields, in particular, in artistic creation; freedom of thought; alternative education system, increased attention to the capable and gifted. Prospects for further research are to conduct a detailed analysis of the socio-psychological characteristics of students young people identified in this article, factors that influence the level of aesthetic and moral culture and education of future specialists.

Keywords: spiritual and moral upbringing of students, aesthetic education of students, spiritual and moral development of personality, aesthetic and ethical culture of personality, aesthetic personality development, engineer-pedagogue

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Inna Iv. Kokhan, Educational Scientific Professional Pedagogical Institute of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogical Academy

Senior Lecture (Bakhmut, Ukraine)

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