Training Field Practice as Means of Shaping of Professional Competence the Future Biology Teachers


The peculiarities of the training field practice as an important stage in the formation of the professional competence of the future teacher of biology are considered. The field practice as a form of attracting students to motivated cognitive activity, independent scientific research, and elaboration of methods of biological research in nature is being paid special attention.The differences in the designation of manufacturing practice, educational practice, and field-and-training practice are documented. Practice serves as a kind of student activity, during which the practical application of acquired knowledge of the theoretical training of skills, as well as the verification of their effectiveness. Training practice can be understood as a guided educational and cognitive activity of students, aimed at the practical application of the acquired theoretical knowledge in the nature, the development of practical skills and the mastering of the foundations of research.An analysis of the content of the curriculum is developed; the share of field practice in the preparation of the future biology teacher is identified. The research of the content and the ratio of the practical training of the future biology teacher revealed that in its structure, 52.2% of the hours worked in the field practice. It is shown the field practice is an integral part of the study of the disciplines of the natural cycle of the normative block.These field practice practices are a logical final stage in the study of the relevant educational disciplines and are intended to consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge, the formation of skills for conducting field research, mastering the method of conducting excursions into nature and nature conservation activities. During field practice, theoretical knowledge is used in new environments to solve specific problems.It has been found out that field practice belongs to research and practical activity, and therefore it is important in the professional training of students. It is aimed at stimulating the professional self-education of the future biology teacher, the development of the initiative, the formation of a personal style of cognitive activity, taking into account the personality traits and level of preparation, which contributes to the formation of the professional maturity of the student's personality.

Keywords: : practice, training field practice, professional competence, future biology teachers.

Author Biography

Viktoria Vikt. Pererva, Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogocal University

Assistant, Department of Botany and Ecology (Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine)

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