STEM-Education in the context of adaptive approach

  • Galina V. Yelnikova Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy


In the article the innovative direction of development of the domestic educational system − STEM-education − from the standpoint of adaptive processes of its implementation is considered. The changes that occur when using this trend in the practical activities of institutions of general secondary education are highlighted and disclosed. Particular attention is paid to the integration in the educational process of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM competencies are identified for the younger generation and the interrelation of these competences and the principles of implementing STEM-education with the principles of adaptive management used in the educational process in the application of innovation. The concept of directed self-organization is revealed

Keywords: STEM-education, STEM-competencies, principles of introduction of STEM-education, principles of adaptive management, adaptive approach, innovation direction, integration, integral professions, integrated learning, directed self-organization


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Author Biography

Galina V. Yelnikova, Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy

Doctor of Pedagogy Professor, Head Cafe Management

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